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Check out some of our web-design work. At Orcas Online / Orcas Web we are proficient and capable with any format or subject matter and specialize in WordPress web development. We’ve enjoyed success with one-page and multi-page websites in media and multimedia presentations.


Our clients have been very happy with the results we provide them.

Eastsound Airport Center

The Eastsound Airport Center was a new build website with lots of room for our designers to be creative. Unlike most, this client did not have strong design views going into the project, but let us pitch ideas that are best suited to the atmosphere of the business.

Nunez Services

Nunez Services is a local landscaping, gardening, and maintenance service that operates year-round. The site was designed to market to new customers with a wide variety of services offered by the client.

Orcas Homes / Cherie L. Lindholm

Orcas Homes is a professional site built to display the many beautiful homes for sale by the Cherie L. Lindholm real estate group. The functionality of this site goes beyond buying and selling and goes into vacation rentals and local information. This site also shows how well older versions of websites can be given a facelift to accommodate the viewer retention problems that often occur with older sites.

Almost Classical was a website built for a musical trio who both sells music online and performs live events. This site was robust enough to be used as both an online market as well as a booking site for gigs.

Almaos Realty

Alamos Realty is a site designed to display and sell some of the many beautiful homes and properties of Alamos, Mexico. Offering a visually striking display of images and bold text, this site is sure to catch the eye of real estate moguls and home-buyers for years to come.

Alamos Mexico

Alamos Mexico is a multimedia tool for a tourism information and advertising group based in Alamos, Mexico. The scope of the project included a full design overhaul of an existing site, reformatting content and images, and creating a style that would fit the aesthetic and feeling of the beautiful town.

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