Computer Repair

Orcas Online has been assisting customers with extensive computer support in handling hardware and software issues for over two decades. Our technicians utilize their wide range of experience in working with Apple products, PCs, and all kinds of mobile devices to either solve problems or point customers in the right direction. We also keep appraised of market trends in technology, ensuring we can work with new and old devices.

Our expertise covers most mobile devices and desktop computers, including Apple computers, PCs, and tablets. Software and hardware issues can be taken care of, although a case by case analysis of certain Apple products may reveal that they are beyond our local ability to fix. If extensive hardware work is required, we may choose to call in a private contractor that assists us with such problems. We will provide the proper parts number if replacement parts are needed, and the customer can either choose to order the parts themselves or to have us do so. Typical part shipping time is 3-6 business days.

We also assist customers with data recovery and transferring data between old and new machines, as well as scanning computers that may be infected and restoring computers that have suffered a critical error or have otherwise locked up. It is generally assumed that hardware and software work will require at least overnight examination, although software work can take longer with older devices as the work is dependent on the device’s operating speed.

Unfortunately our liability coverage and the capability of our facilities cannot support the detailed and delicate work required for the screens and batteries of mobile devices. Our principle advice in such a situation is to take the mobile device to a certified store or technician to have the work done.

With any repair job we are careful to maintain communication with the customer, and they are free to cancel the work and retrieve their device at any time during working hours. Our standard fees and hourly rates can be found below.  We only bill for parts and actual labor time. Feel free to call our office or send us an email to find out if our services can help you get your device working again.


Tech Labor


Bench Fee (Minimum)


Data Transfer (Min)

Data Recovery & Transfer

Hardware Replacements

Operating System Reinstallation

Hardware Upgrades