What our Customers Say:

“The service I received upon calling Orcas Online is the best I have received from anyone in literally years. Attentive, friendly, helpful. We have had companies try to sway us away but have stuck with Orcas Online due to the personal service. We are planning to upgrade and explore additional services with Orcas Online.”

“I am very happy to have such great service with a local provider. Thanks for being here!”

“You have been lifesavers during the pandemic. I was able to work from home.”

“When I called about a problem, staff has been very helpful and understand customer service. Thank you”

“Thanks for the great service! I’ve only had positive experiences.”
“Thank you! Great team and excellent customer service!”

“Always friendly and ready to help, and that’s much appreciated.”

“Staff is excellent and courteous, always available. we are very pleased with everything!”

“I always appreciate how pleasant and helpful the staff is when I call. We are very happy with the service. Thank you!”

“Very responsive customer support – which I greatly appreciate! Also extremely nice folks. “

“Stu and Nathan are great, always seem to be able to solve a problem if I have on, and in good time as well. There are other services available on Saturna but I am so happy with and plan on staying with Orcas until I leave the island. “

“The staff at Orcas Online is always friendly, responsive and quick at addressing issues.”

“Fine service and team, overall. Stu works too hard. Sometimes storms and power outages interrupt service briefly, but that’s what unread books are for. “

“Responsive and enjoy being included in the loop on technical upgrades and notices “