Serving Our Island Neighbors

Since 2000


Our namesake island is by far our largest served area. We provide service to most of the populated areas of Orcas and get the best service to areas that have exposure towards Buck, Lookout, Sunset, and South Tutleback mountains.

San Juan

Our service on San Juan Island is primarily concentrated around the Northeastern shoreline, North of Pt. Caution. Residents that can see Orcas, or the Western tip of Shaw can likely receive service from us.


Centrally-located Shaw Island is served by multiple broadcast points from the surrounding islands. Orcas towers service the Blind Bay area across from the Orcas ferry landing, and a broadcaster on San Juan can serve just about any location from Neck Point to Post Office Bay on the west side.


Our service extensively covers Waldron’s shoreline, able to reach lots from Sandy Point all the way around President Channel to Point Disney. Interior lots with some clearance towards Orcas Island or Saturna Island can often get coverage with a tree-mounted installation.


We are able to cover almost all of Blakely’s northwestern residential area with our Orcas-based broadcast point, from the Marina down to the end of Eagle Bay Rd. Locally mounted repeaters can also deliver services to lots that border the airport.


By broadcasting from Buck Mountain on Orcas Island we are able to serve homes on the northwestern tip of Lummi Island. Anywhere from Lego Bay to Point Migley has a shot at getting our service.


Our broadcasts on Lopez Island are limited at the moment. We are able to reach waterfront lots on Humphrey Head and Upright Head facing Blakely or Orcas Island.