Using the latest in Point to Multipoint technology (PtMP), Orcas Online has begun our rollout of gig capable (1000 Mbps) wireless internet in Eastsound.

This buildout allows us to connect customers with a low upfront cost of $99 and a standard single rate structure for all-you-can-use service.

Our availability is limited during our buildout phase. We are currently accepting inquires about this service.

Up to


Mbps Service



per month



Initiation Fee*

As a primary, or a backup, at $99/mo, can you really afford not to?

Current Availability:

  • Eastsound Airport Center
  • Eastsound Square
  • Our House Mall
  • Orcas Chamber Building
  • Cons (The Village Stop) Building
  • Post Office Building
  • Athletic Center

Initiation Fee:

The  operates on a largely receive-and rebroadcast model. Customers on the network will generally also host an access point to serve customers beyond them. Due to the extremely high bandwidth capacity of these devices over the short haul, this is akin to having multiple customers off a single fiber backhaul. The initiation fee allows us to cover the cost of:

  1.  Your equipment
  2. The equipment we deployed previously to reach you.

If you have questions about this fee, please contact our office.

Want to Recieve Updates on our Rollout?

Actual Speed Test Result off of our 60Ghz ESDN.