• Serving Our Island Neighbors since 2000

    Orcas Online

    Orcas Online has a long history of meeting and exceeding the needs of our island neighbors in our shared PNW paradise. We are proud of our journey, and we are excited to move forward with you!



    To better assist our customers in keeping up with the wide, modern world of technology, Orcas Online offers our Night Owl program; a period of unlimited bandwidth usage between the hours of 12 am and 6 am, to all of its wireless customers.

  • Don't pay while you're away


    Orcas Online believes everyone should see the world and carry with them peace of mind knowing that everything back home is taken care of! With a quick phone call or email you can have us suspend your internet account for the duration of your time away; while suspended your account will not be billed. 

  • Orcas Online


    Feel the confidence that comes from a tech support team that's got your back. Access discounted rates for services and equipment with our home and business level subscriptions.

  • Our Customers Enjoy


    Get up to 5 Orcas Online branded ISP email accounts with your wireless service. If you move away from our service in the future, don't worry. You can keep your account for as long as you wish with an annual fee. Don't lose out on this customer perk!

  • To our High School scholarship winner


    This year, our annual $1,000 scholarship went to Willow White. Congratulations, Willow!

Orcas Online is an internet service provider in San Juan County, Washington.
Our network covers most of Orcas Island and many of the surrounding islands such as:

Blakely Island • Waldron Island • Shaw Island • San Juan Island • Lopez Island • Lummi Island • Obstruction Island • Crane Island • Frost Island •  And Several Lower Canadian Gulf Islands

Utilizing point-to-point terrestrial wireless internet, Orcas Online can serve areas where alternate services require extensive and expensive buildouts. The nature of wireless internet service allows us to be a nimble and adaptive company that puts its customers first.

Don’t see your island above? Contact us to see how we can reach you!

Perks Our Customers Love

Enjoy Unlimited

Night Time Bandwidth

With 'Night Owl'

Midnight through six am, no speed caps

VAcation hold

don't pay while you're away

Vacation for Free

Weekly billing available for weekly use needs


Orcas Online has been providing reliable and affordable wireless internet to numerous locations in and around the San Juan Islands for over fifteen years using the latest in point to point wireless transmission technology. Our wireless systems are compact and easy to install and manage. We offer a wide range of bandwidth plans to our customers ranging from the low-cost 5 Mbps Dolphin plan to the high performance 50 Mbps Pod Plan. Our technicians are experienced and skilled in performing whatever installation and networking is needed to provide the best possible service to our customers.


Our techs have the know-how to get your home or business network operating at its best. Whether you need wire pulls, mesh deployment, just an extra wi-fi access point to keep you fully connected, we've got you covered. We also provide a wide range of customizable options to get your home or office spaces connected through wi-fi access and inter-connected workstations. Stop by our office or give us a call to find out what personal networking options are available for you.


Get professional, top level hosting from a friendly local company. With Orcas Web Website and Email hosting we can get you started on your website journey. Our hosting tiers are designed for any level of personal or professional endeavor and with a range of server space, email options, and free SSL for every subscription level. Additionally, all of our plans include a free .COM domain, unmetered bandwidth, and direct access to our tech support services. Email hosting with basic and advanced boxes starts at 10 GB of storage, email sync options, and advanced Groupware; with storage and utility only going up from there. Check out our list of hosting plans for the option that fits your design goals.


Pay by the hour or get discounts on our tech support pricing with monthly and annual plans. In home or in office we'll meet you where you prefer and our experts can help get you back up and running. Our expertise includes internal network setup and upgrades, troubleshooting, and remote or onsite computer repair. Each of our support plans offer discounts for onsite assistance on appointments and emergencies, and we can also test the performance of your existing network and recommend possible upgrades. Routers and computer parts are available in supply or by order through our office.


We specialize in diagnosing software and program issues on computers, including scammer attacks and BIOS errors. Software updates, routine drive cleaning, and assistance with performance upgrades are also easily performed and highly recommended for keeping older machines current with the rapid advancement of modern technology. Assistance with smart devices is also available, including updating software, synchronizing email, and setting up new devices. No extra charge if the device stays in the shop overnight, we only charge for the time our techs invest in the project. Stop by our office during business hours or call to make an appointment with one of our experienced technicians.

Wireless Internet

Starting at $49/mo

No Contracts | No Data Caps | No Hidden Fees

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We're proud to be a WISP!

Wireless Internet Service Providers are one of the backbones of rural broadband deployment. They are focused on solving the ever present rural broadband issues; tackling complex buildout problems in order to reach under-served and poorly supported communities with cost-effective yet reliable solutions. Orcas Online, Inc. is a member of the Wireless Internet Service Provider Association (WISPA). With low upfront costs, and affordable speed plans that meet the actual, practical needs of home and business usage, WISPs are now more crucial than ever in areas like ours.