For a variety of reasons, internal networks can need assistance. Our knowledgable team can make recommendations and implement changes to get your internal network to get you where you want to be. Stop the buffering and lagging and get your house in order.

In-Home Networking

Range Extender

Weak wi-fi or intermittent buffering is frustrating. Often times these problems can be caused by poor internet distribution in the home (internal network). Deploying signal boosters or range extenders can cover areas with poor reception, providing more consistent home internet and eliminating these interruptions.

Typical cost for a range extender buildout: $200

Powerline Extender

We understand that there are some places that wi-fi just can’t reach, and wiring would be impractical or prohibitive.  A Powerline Range Extender links a feed directly from your modem or router through the building’s electrical infrastructure to a paired device in another room where it re-broadcasts a wi-fi signal.  This a great alternative to range extenders which combines the reliability of a hardline connection with the affordability of a wireless link.

Typical cost for a PowerLine buildout: $250

Exterior Range Extensions

Wired Extensions - up to 300 ft.

Nothing is more reliable than a hardline connection. We use ethernet where possible to connect rooms, or buildings that need networking. We can run a wired connection up to 300ft, and a Wireless Access Point (WAP) is generally required for the end of the run. We can work with you to make sure a wired solution will fit your situation.

Typical cost for a 300ft buildout: $400*

Wireless Extensions - up to 1000 ft.**

A wired connection is not always convenient, cost effective, or even possible. A wireless connection can allow us to link buildings or locations together over large distances with high precision. With a Point-to-Point (PtP) link, usually in 5.8 gigahertz, where possible, we can provide speeds up to 100 Mbps between buildings.

Typical cost for a 5.8 PtP buildout: $500

Estimates include configuration and installation.

*Cable burial is not included in the cost of the install.

**Line of sight (LOS) required.