Wireless Activation/Suspension

Orcas Online understands the nature of part-time residency on Orcas Island, and we were the first ISP to offer our customers a chance to place their service and billing on vacation hold while away. We also understand that some of our customers spend the majority of their time away from Orcas so we try to make the payment and activation process as smooth and quick as possible when you return.

Customers with equipment rental may not suspend service.

If you’re a customer planning to activate service no more than a few weeks at a time, these recommendations are for you:

Our minimum service duration is one week, and if your visit is three weeks or less we will generally bill at weekly rates as it is more cost-effective for customers.

We request that you have a credit card on file in our billing system and that the invoice be paid in full at the time of the order. This way we don’t have to contact anyone if something goes wrong, and you won’t get bothered in the middle of your vacation by a collections call.

It is our pleasure to provide prompt and effective service to our customers, and we appreciate you choosing Orcas Online for your internet needs.

Please email us at info@orcasonline.com or call our office at 360-376-4124 if you have any questions.

Use the form below to schedule your service activation or suspension.

Wireless Activation

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