Sea Acres

Nov 14th – Orcas Online has completed of a new broadcast tower site on Lummi Island. 

Any residences with a clear line of site to the indicated location on Lummi Island should be able to receive a wireless signal from our broadcaster. When anticipate that a majority, if not all, of our service plans will be available to any inquiries. We are pleased to note that our wireless receiver equipment can be mounted at any location on a property, so a tree-climb, or pole-mount some distance from the residence, is a possible solution to obscured views.

New service areas include:

  • Sea Acres
  • Outward Bound Road and roads further south to Pt. Lawrence
  • Genoa Lane
  • Cow Hill Road

We will still do a free site survey in these areas to confirm that we can get adequate service, and we are happy to do surveys in Olga/Doe Bay that are outside of the areas explicitly stated above.

We are also looking to expand our service in the Doe Bay area, and, if you can see our access point (including from a tree climb) we may be interested in using you as a host in exchange for reduced cost or FREE internet service.