Standard Installation Information

Our standard install consists of a 400mm (~1 foot) dish mounted with line of sight to one of our access points.

Once our dish is mounted we will run a wire to a prearranged location on an exterior wall for entrance into the home, or to a preinstalled d-marc for existing home networking (cat5/cat6). This will generally be the closest point to the location of the wireless router or home entertainment area (TV, console, etc.).

Once our wire is onto the home, we will install the indoor wireless router to provide the internal local network.

We will secure the install by stapling the wire runs, adding silicon to any exterior holes, and making any additional modifications.

We usually budget 1.5 to 2 hours per install and we can generally schedule an install on Orcas within 3-4 days of a successful survey report (confirming we can get service to the location). Other islands may have longer gaps in availability to install due to scheduling requirements, but they can usually be accommodated in a week or two.

Our install pricing is as follows:

Outdoor Wireless Reciever (Radio): $200
Indoor Wireless Router: $79
General Cabling: $0.50/foot
Tech Labor: No Charge
General approximate install cost: $300

There may be slight variations to this information on special occasions, but this is the general install formula.

We love to use spaces under decks or other natural visual obstructions to make our installs less visually impactful. We can also, upon request, paint equipment to help it blend into its environment better. This will be considered by staff when determining the best place for the equipment.