Open Internet Transparency

Effective: August 6, 2018

Last Modified: February 10, 2023

The FCC has recently issued new rules intended to preserve the free and open Internet.
These rules require ORCAS ONLINE to provide the following disclosures:

Network Practices

ORCAS ONLINE’s connections to the Internet are provisioned with adequate capacity to prevent congestion, even during the busiest periods. We do not inhibit or favor applications or classes of applications being used over the network. ORCAS ONLINE does not restrict the types or quantities of devices connected to a High-Speed Internet subscriber’s Internet connection.

Performance Characteristics

ORCAS ONLINE offers many different High-Speed Internet packages to best serve our customers’ needs. Wireless (WIRELESS) Broadband Internet is the primary technology and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is the secondary technology utilized by ORCAS ONLINE. High-Speed Internet speeds are targeted to achieve 100% of advertised speeds. Speed may be tested on ORCAS ONLINE’s speed test server at

ORCAS ONLINE’s round-trip latency to our Internet connections depends on the technology used to access the Internet. ORCAS ONLINE offers many internet packages suitable for real-time applications such as voice-over-Internet or streaming media. Our customer service representatives are happy to assist consumers in choosing a package that matches the specifications for specific software or applications.

Commercial Terms

Monthly pricing and other fees for Wireless broadband services are available on the ORCAS ONLINE website. Traffic from individual subscribers is not analyzed or characterized in any way, nor are any security measures employed which could impair subscribers from utilizing their Internet connections in any lawful way they desire.

If you require additional information please visit an ORCAS ONLINE store in Eastsound, WA. You may also write to Orcas Online, Inc, Attn: Customer Service Manager, POB 1901, Eastsound, WA 98245. Within 7 days, we will send you a letter acknowledging receipt of your letter. Within 15 days of receiving your information, we send you a letter of determination.

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Open Internet Transparency