Raccoon Point

Now Serving Raccoon Point and Eastern Shoreline of Orcas!

Orcas Online is very pleased to announce that we have set up a Wireless Access Point on Lummi Island, just across the water from Raccoon Point, capable of delivering high-speed wireless internet to homeowners with Line of Sight access towards our AP location. Our AP is located at an elevated location on the northwestern face of Lummi and we are confident that it can reach most if not all of the residences on Raccoon Point road and its major offshoots. Raccoon Point’s downward slope towards the water also enables us to reach heavily treed locations by mounting our wireless equipment directly in a tree large and high enough to see directly to Lummi.

With our network expansion now fully operational, Orcas Online is conducting surveys for interested residents of Raccoon Point and can now respond to any survey requests for the Raccoon Point area. We encourage any area resident with a view of the location shown above to give us a call and see what we can offer.  If you would like to learn more, please contact Orcas Online’s office at 360-376-4124 or email us your questions at info@orcasonline.com.

If you can see this community on Lummi island we can serve you!
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